Crystalit Sill: Key Features and Benefits

Crystalit Sill: Key Features and Benefits

Along with the plastic windows a hugeToday, window sills of the same material have gained popularity. They are appreciated for their practicality, long life and easy installation. In addition to the main functional load, the sills also perform an aesthetic function, making the interior of the room more attractive and complete.sill crystalit

Modern manufacturers offer us botheconomical options, and products of the elite class, which is distinguished by its spectacular appearance and richness of flowers. We will stop at the highest price category, and we will consider the Crystalit sill, which is manufactured by the Russian firm Svetlitsa. Recently, this element of decor has gained immense popularity, so let's see what qualities make it so in demand.

Product Description

The Crystalit sill has a standardrectangular shape and equipped with a plastic seal on the front side. The main material for the manufacture of this element is plastic, which is covered with a multilayered protective film.windowsill crystalit reviews

All components used for productionsimilar products, do not have toxic inclusions, which allows us to speak about the ecological compatibility of the products. The unique technology of production of protective coating helps to increase the service life of the window sill, makes its surface more durable, resistant to scratches and abrasion.

Basic properties

Let's look at the performance characteristics of the Crystalit sill. Feedback from the owners of this product allows you to judge the following of its advantages.

Excellent durability. Due to the presence of special stiffeners, special structure and increased thickness of plastic, the window sill easily withstands the load from flower pots and other household items.

Duration of operation. Declared in the documents the service life of these windowsills is 50 years. Conducted tests of the product on the strength indicate that it is able to withstand more than 70 years of active use. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for all of its products in 10 years. Proceeding from this, we can say that once bought a window sill Crystalit,you will not have to think about replacing it for a long time.

Resistant to ultraviolet rays. Unlike economical options, this product is absolutely not afraid of sunlight and for many years retains its original color.

Heat resistance. The multi-layer coating reliably protects the surface of the product from heat exposure. On such a window sill you can safely put a cup of hot coffee and do not worry that there will be traces on the plastic.

Resistance to moisture and chemicals. Such a surface can be washed calmly with water with the addition of cleaning agents.

Anti-static surface. Acrylic, used to produce a protective coating, produces very little static electricity, so that the finished product does not attract dust to itself.

Color range of products

We will touch on another important aspect thatwill certainly excite those who decide to install a Crystalit window sill at their homes - colors. Photos of these products show that the color palette of these products is not limited. To date, the manufacturer offers us more than 27 options for the design of window sills.sill crystalit sizes

They can be matte, glossy, mimicNatural wood or expensive stones. Firms engaged in the sale of PVC windows offer window sills of exclusive design colors, which look very original.

Products are made both in light and indark colors. Most often in the market there are windowsills with glossy surfaces, which are almost not scratched. This quality allows you to use the Crystalit sill not onlyinside, but also outside the premises.

Dimensions and cost of Crystallit sills

In conclusion of the topic, I would like to touch on the dimensions that the Crystalit sill has. Dimensionsproducts are selected taking into account the wishes of the customer. So, the width of the window sill may vary between 100-600 mm, while its maximum length is 6 meters. Some sellers limit their range of products to 350 mm, so to purchase a longer window sill will need to make a reservation.sill crystalit color photo

The cost of this product depends on manyfactors. Here, the thickness of the plastic, the width of the product and its color play an important role. For example, a matte window sill of white color (with a minimum width of 100 mm) will cost from 400 rubles per running meter. Products with a width of 600 mm will cost the buyer about 2000 rubles per running meter.

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  • Crystalit Sill: Key Features and Benefits Crystalit Sill: Key Features and Benefits Crystalit Sill: Key Features and Benefits Crystalit Sill: Key Features and Benefits Crystalit Sill: Key Features and Benefits Crystalit Sill: Key Features and Benefits Crystalit Sill: Key Features and Benefits Crystalit Sill: Key Features and Benefits Crystalit Sill: Key Features and Benefits Crystalit Sill: Key Features and Benefits