Dell Inspiron 3537 Notebook: description, features and reviews

Dell Inspiron 3537 Notebook: description, features and reviews

Dell Inspiron 3537 is the representativesegment notebooks of medium format, which differ in the optimal ratio of the cost of the device and its performance. This feature distinguishes not only this model, but also other laptops, which are manufactured by the American company Dell. Laptop Inspiron 3537 - 15.6-inch laptop on the platform of Intel. Initially, the device comes with the Linux operating system installed.

laptop dell inspiron 3537


Supplied in a simple box of cardboard. The configuration of the laptop is not anything special. The top cover of the Inspiron 3537 is made of black plastic and has a very unusual texture in the form of convex triangles. For many, such a solution is attractive. In the center of the cover is the logo of the American company.

Almost the entire bottom cover of the Dell Inspiron laptop3537 is made of simple plastic. Exceptions are individual elements, such as cogs and rubber coasters. Turning the device over, you can detect a removable battery, two air intake zones, two sound output devices, and a hatch for upgrading.

There is not a single element on the back panel, butThe front indicators are the activity indicators and the connector for the memory card. On the right hand side you can see one USB port and a drive. On the left side of the Dell Inspiron 3537 there are three more USB connectors, a charger slot, a network cable port, and connectors for a microphone, headphones and for video output to the screen. All items except the charger slot are located in the front of the panel. The rest of the space is occupied by the grille of the cooling system of the device.

Ergonomics of the laptop

A great surprise for many experts was thesmall edging display. Thanks to this, the Dell Inspiron 3537 notebook is less than other devices with the same screen diagonal. Dimensions of the laptop - 376x259x25.4 mm, and its weight is about 2 kilograms.

laptop dell inspiron 15 3537

The working panel is also made of black plasticwith a triangular texture. But due to the fact that finger massage can not please every user, the developers of the laptop decided to make the triangles not convex, but in-depth. The on / off button of the machine is in the upper left corner. It does not have a backlight, so the user will not be distracted by the monitor. On the working panel there is only one luminous indicator - the point on the Caps Lock key.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard is on the panel that is executedfrom glossy plastic. In appearance it is very beautiful, but not entirely practical, because on such a substrate immediately visible any dust particles and fingerprints. Wipe it is not quite convenient. Layout is one of the most convenient among all devices of this price segment and dimensions. Between the keys there are gaps of ideal dimensions. They are not so small, so the user will not press two keys at once, and not particularly large, because of what for a long time to search for the right key will not have to. The keyboard is not lit by illumination.

The touchpad of the notebook is large andis located on the front panel with a shift to the left. It is equipped with two buttons, and the sensor is immersed in the work panel. This location makes it very easy to detect it even without lighting. But it is worth noting that even without a difference in heights, finding the touch panel would be easy to touch due to the bumpy surface of the working panel.


The Dell Inspiron 3537 is based on thediscrete graphics from AMD and the processor from Intel. On various tests, the device produced good results, as for a laptop this is a price category. So, in the benchmark 3DMark Inspiron 3537 scored 4002 points, in PCMark7 - the device showed 2381 points.

laptop dell inspiron 3537 specifications

For very demanding games, the laptop should not beuse. At maximum graphics settings, the device will seriously slow down. But at medium and minimum settings, even resource-intensive games will run and work without braking, giving out an acceptable number of frames per second.

The device has a processor with two coresfrequency from 1.4 GHz to 1.6 GHz. The RAM is 4 gigabit, and the built-in memory is 320 to 500 gigabytes. It is also possible to install SSD instead of an optical drive for reading disks. The graphics adapter is AMD Radeon with 1 gigabyte of memory.


The diagonal of the screen is 15.6 inches, whichis one of the most popular sizes among laptops. Backlight matrix notebook Dell Inspiron 3537 is not very high quality and brightness, which makes it impossible to get good visibility in the sun.

The screen resolution is 1366 by 768 pixels. In this regard, the laptop does not differ anything original from other models. Under the display is the company logo. And on top of the screen in the center is a webcam.

laptop backlight dell inspiron 3537


Battery capacity is 3000 mAh. In the maximum load mode, the device works for about two and a half hours approximately. In read mode, the device can work up to eight hours.

Such indicators of the laptop are characteristic of all non-gaming devices in the price segment up to 400 euros. Without connecting to the network on the laptop you can watch 2-3 full-length films.


The laptop Dell Inspiron 3537 was very popular at one time in many countries around the world. The Russian owners of the device note the good performance of the device and the duration of battery life.

Another plus of the device was a prettydesign. Virtually every customer made their choice in favor of the Dell Inspiron 3537 because of its design. Textured plastic made the device special, which can not be said about the main competitors of the laptop, which are Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 and Acer Aspire E1.

laptop dell inspiron 3537 reviews

Also, owners of a US-made notebook note the presence of all important connectors. But I must say that they are present in the competitors in the face of Asus and Lenovo.

The cons of the same Dell Inspiron 3537 are boomingtouchpad keys. Also, users are negative about the location of the connectors on the left side of the laptop. According to them, they are all very close to each other, which can cause discomfort when working with the device. This is especially true in cases where a certain element is inserted into each connector. Also, because of close location, it is not always possible to connect two USB media, since the first one can block the port for connecting the second one.

Other disadvantages of the device is a glossyscreen and discrete graphics. Many users do not like the last point, so they try to look for a laptop without a discrete video. Also, the combination of AMD and Intel is much inferior to the combination of Intel and Nvidia. The device squeaks at a heavy load on the graphics card.


In the end, we note that the Dell Inspiron 3537is a medium format laptop with an interesting and unusual design. He may like someone, but someone does not, but each user notes the unusualness of such a design of the device.

The device is equipped with all necessary connectors forEffective operation, as well as a balanced hardware platform. This allows you to achieve a relatively high level of performance and good autonomy.

laptop dell inspiron 3537 price

The price of the Dell Inspiron 3537 isapproximately 350-400 dollars. At the time of sale, the device was one of the best in its price category. But with the release of the laptop to the market has passed three years, and also there were new models which surpass the Dell Inspiron 3537 practically in all parameters.

However, even in 2017 this laptop is an excellent solution for users who want to purchase a quality device for basic tasks at a small price.

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  • Dell Inspiron 3537 Notebook: description, features and reviews Dell Inspiron 3537 Notebook: description, features and reviews Dell Inspiron 3537 Notebook: description, features and reviews Dell Inspiron 3537 Notebook: description, features and reviews Dell Inspiron 3537 Notebook: description, features and reviews Dell Inspiron 3537 Notebook: description, features and reviews Dell Inspiron 3537 Notebook: description, features and reviews Dell Inspiron 3537 Notebook: description, features and reviews Dell Inspiron 3537 Notebook: description, features and reviews Dell Inspiron 3537 Notebook: description, features and reviews