Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

Design bedroom 16 square. m +50 photos of interior ideas

In a one-bedroom apartment living space may have a small area. Therefore, its design must be approached with special attention. The use of high-quality materials of decoration, careful selection of furniture and decor will allow to turn it into a great place both for leisure and for work. With a special desire, you can perform styling that allows you to comfortably receive guests. The correct design of the bedroom is 16 square meters. m contributes to the allocation of its individual parts, emphasizing the practicality of the situation. The choice of original textiles, jewelry will help to create a special comfort. And following the requirements for stylistics will exclude the room being overloaded with unnecessary accessories, cumbersome or non-functional elements. Having carefully studied the features of each style, you can easily equip each square. m and rational, and beautiful.

Finishing features

It is quite simple to make the interior of a small room cozy and stylish when choosing a good finish and creating a competent atmosphere. Selectable materials should provide ease of cleaning.At the same time, they can be both budget and design. Create a better design will help create a simple project.

Purple textiles in the bedroom

It may include the basic color range, samples of suitable materials. This will help to simply combine them with each other. Selection of materials should be carried out according to the created style. In small rooms allowed combination of pastel and bright, dark tones. For visual expansion, you can use materials with horizontal or vertical stripes. For greater dynamism, choose a finish with zigzags. For a more relaxed atmosphere suitable materials with floral, leafy patterns, smooth patterns.

Small bedroom designClassic bedroom decor of 16 square meters. m Bedroom in a studio apartment Wide bed in the bedroom Light furniture in the room Brown bedroom decor


The choice of finishes for the ceiling in the bedroom should be carried out according to its height. This will eliminate the additional space constraint. With a height of 2.5-2.7 m, the budget and simple finishing with putty will be ideal. Smooth surface in bright colors will look appropriate. This material can be replaced with a rather unusual raw material - liquid wallpaper. They will help to create an unusual design with color transitions.If the height of the room is 2.7 m, stretch sheets can be used. They are attached to a small frame, stretching under the influence of a heat gun. The main advantages of materials is ease of use, hiding all the irregularities of the ceiling surface. With a room height of more than 2.7 m, installation of multi-level plasterboard structures with hidden lighting is allowed. Decorating the surface with beams from a bar will also look beautiful.

Bright interior bedroom 16 sq. M. m


Finishing a small room can be done by any means. After all, with the right combination of different materials, you can achieve its unusual styling. For example, all surfaces can be painted in light colors. To underline the design, it is recommended to apply the compositions with rollers with a long pile or a relief drum. Pasting can be carried out with paper, vinyl building materials with inconspicuous patterns, stripes. Avoiding design voidness will help highlighting one wall.

Gray walls in the bedroomBed in the bedroom with light Roman curtains in the bedroom Borocco bedroom Beautiful textiles in the bedroom Black and white bedroom decor

For its styling fit:

  • lining, wall panels under a tree, marble;
  • designer fabrics with bright, dark patterns, leather;
  • photo wallpaper;
  • bamboo and rattan stripes;
  • lakomat, lakobel (painted and frosted glass);
  • foam panels for brick, stone.

It is recommended to highlight the bedside area. Therefore, the fastening of the considered materials should be carried out behind the headboard. They can cover all the space or just frame the bed.

Spacious bedroom in the apartment

The flooring in a small room should have the highest quality. Indeed, in a limited area, the owners will spend their leisure time, relax and sleep. You can select different types of materials for styling:

Laminate, parquet They create a special cosiness and comfort, attract with their environmental friendliness. In a small room it would be appropriate to look wooden flooring in light natural colors. Increase the area will help laying bleached slats.
Linoleum The variety of colors, shades and patterns allows you to choose a beautiful and stylish material for the floor. At the same time, it will greatly simplify cleaning, maintaining cleanliness. Ideal for laying in housing where pets are kept.
Carpet It gives a design coziness, creates maximum comfort of living. For a small room, you can choose carpet with any softness, density.But the colors of the material should not be catchy or too dark.

Bedroom 16 square meters. m. in the apartment

Choice of furniture

The secret to creating a beautiful and comfortable environment in a small room lies in the selection of models with hidden compartments. Transformable products will eliminate clutter and will provide all the necessary furniture. For example, instead of the usual bed owners can install a sofa that will fold in the daytime and free up the central part of the room. You can also choose a bed with drawers, rising bed and a large compartment for storing bed linen, things. A spacious rectangular cabinet with open external shelves is suitable for compact placement of clothes, books, documents. Replacing the usual cabinets and dressers will help arrangement under the sill or next to it hidden boxes. When considering a set of mini-walls, cabinets, beds, you need to choose products from the same series. Matching styles and colors will help you quickly and easily equip a room.

Bright lighting in the bedroom


It’s impossible to light a room of sixteen square meters with one lamp.Create a competent lighting will help the combination of different types of lighting. They should not have small dimensions, otherwise they will visually reduce the area of ​​the room. The following types are ideal for installation:

  • Spotlights. They can be mounted along the ceiling perimeter, in wall niches, around the head of the bed. They can be replaced by ordinary sconces.
  • ceiling chandeliers with LEDs. Equipped with a flat or slightly rounded dome due to what minimally stand out. They shine brightly and can be used as the main source of light.
  • wall spots. Can be equipped with small flat shades. Attract by the ability to adjust the slope, easy setup.

Gray bedroom interior of 16 square meters. m

When installing a spotlight instead of sconces should choose a model with adjustable tilt. Otherwise the light fixture will blind the eyes.

A large window in the bedroom


A simple distinction allows you to turn a small room into a real living-bedroom. To do this, you can separate the bed with a small partition. On the other hand, close to her put a small sofa or a couple of chairs and a coffee table.To highlight the desktop is not necessary to use partitions. For zoning, you only need to position it opposite the foot of the bed, on the side of the bed. Above you can hang a couple of shelves with workers or training materials. In the presence of a loggia, a written, computer desk can be taken out of the common room by creating a mini-office. Lightweight tulle will help to separate these parts. You can also use the balcony to organize the wardrobe shelves. To do this, a part of the additional premises must be equipped with shelves, drawers, a pantograph.

Luxury bedroom

The choice of textiles

Textiles selected for small spaces may have pastel, bright colors. For a light finish, you can pick up colorful fabrics for curtains, bedspreads for the bed. They will help to emphasize the originality of the created stylistics. The presence of catchy patterns will help to highlight the window opening, or make the sleeping bed the main element of the room. To complement the overall design will help decorative sofa cushions. They can be combined with curtains or have a neutral color. A small bedside mat can also become a bright spot in the room.If the stylistic direction involves a combination of dark and light colors, then textiles should be chosen in the appropriate range. The combination of pastel tulle and dark curtains, dark pillows will create an original tandem. Also dark can be a wall mat located near the head of the bed.

Bedroom in beige tones

Bedroom decoration

Without a neat and stylish decor it is impossible to imagine the design of residential premises. It is necessary to select decorations according to its location, relative to the main element - the bed:

  • behind the headboard. Behind the bed you can arrange a couple of pictures, a small collage of family photos. Visually increase the space will help placement of small mirrors in the framework. The headboard itself is also subject to styling. It can be decorated with bamboo, made of wrought metal, wood.
  • opposite the bed. The first thing that the owners see upon waking up is the decor opposite the bed. On the wall opposite to the bed you can place a shelf with books and vases, a pair of souvenirs. Here you can hang a stylized clock, a family picture, a beautiful tapestry.
  • near the bed.In any residential area, green will create harmony and a special comfort. Therefore, on the writing desk, bedside cabinet, windowsill, you can arrange several flowerpots with plants. They will create a comfortable living environment for the family.

Modern bedroom 16 sq. M. mBig bed in the bedroom Brown walls in the bedroom Gray textile Green curtains in the bedroom Classic bedroom interior in the house

Stylistic directions

It is recommended to begin the design and layout of small rooms with a design project. It will be entered data on the size of the free parts for the installation of furniture. With the help of visualization, you can easily amend the chosen style and achieve the desired result. Despite the limited area, using the described techniques, you can create any direction. The main requirements for the created style are rationality and practicality. Overload a small room with numerous decor, massive furniture is not worth it. Following the basic requirements for styling will help sustain the direction without any problems. It can be as an ultra-modern design, and a classic. For them, the chosen finish, furniture, textiles differ significantly in design and quality. Subject to the recommendations when choosing them, the design will be stylish, original and suitable for a comfortable stay.

Simple bedroom decor


With the modern design of small rooms used high-quality and unusual materials. One or a couple of walls can be decorated in brighter colors, the rest leave pastel. Bright finishes can be replaced with non-standard materials: leather, bamboo, wood. It is recommended to place a mini wall opposite the bed. Install TV in it. Free bottom drawers are suitable for storing personal belongings. On the shelves are usually located books, magazines. Original wall niche looks at the head of the bed. Here the owners can arrange the decor: arrange the vases and a pair of statuettes. The design of the headboard with branches, wicker mini-rugs looks unusual. Wall lamps with wide shades and long adjustable legs-fasteners can be used as lamps.

Modern bedroom in the apartmentProvence in the interior Painting in the bedroom Blue textiles in the bedroom White walls in the bedroom of 16 square meters. m Wall decor paintings


The use of a minimum amount of decor and strict furniture allows you to create a practical and original style. It is suitable for rooms having a square shape. The color range can be white, gray. In order to single out individual walls, furniture or textiles, the inclusion of light yellow, light purple or lime tones is allowed.To design the room in the direction of minimalism, you should choose a bed with hidden drawers, 1-2 bedside tables with spacious compartments, shelves. A pair of paintings made in monochrome scale is perfect as a decor. Mini wall is not recommended. You can arrange the TV on a high dresser. A desk and a small chair are recommended to be installed near the bed. Ceiling fixtures can be round, elongated. They should be made out in one color, without various impregnations and without decor.

Minimalism in the interior


With the classic design of a small room, you can bring it as close to the living room as possible. For this bed is recommended to replace the sofa. On the contrary, you can arrange an electric fireplace or replace it with a false lining. The flooring and decoration of one of the walls is recommended to be made of wood. Balcony part can be allocated for work, the rest is space for living and recreation. As an additional tones suitable dark blue, cream or turquoise. These tones may prevail in decor and textiles. It is recommended to choose a couple of statuettes and paintings as decorations.Perfectly fit into the design of vases of different sizes, mounted on shelves and windowsill. Small candlesticks also complement the direction well. They can be combined and placed in different parts of the room.

Classic interior


Light French style is perfect for the overall design of a small room and for its visual separation into two parts. The basic color of the finish can be cream or white. Furniture is selected with a small carved decor. Suitable wooden products with the effect of aging. It can be a bed, a chest of drawers, a small closet for things. Curtains and tulle should be light and light. They can be long, and can close the window only to the window sill. With such a design attic allowed the use of roller blinds, which will be fixed on the tilted sash. Splashes of pastel colors in the decor, the use of table lamps for such a style is quite acceptable. But they should fit into the overall design as much as possible and not stand out from it.

Provence BedroomStylish wall decor in the bedroom High bed in the bedroom Bedroom 16 square meters. m Wooden bed in the bedroom Blue curtains in the bedroom

High tech

Decorating a room in high-tech style may be different. The main becomes a light gray or cream pastel shade.Additionally, they can use violet, black and red tones. Non-standard finish should be selected from plastic wall panels, painted and frosted glass (laquer, lakobel). Textiles and decor should be made with regard to the basic range. It is better to exclude the presence of auxiliary inclusions of shades. Strictness and rationality are the main requirements for high-tech design. The predominance of strict geometric shapes in the chosen furniture, a minimum of decor will help to support it at the stage of stylization. Curtains and tulle used in the room should have a maximum length. Potted plants in this direction will not fit. But ozonizers and humidifiers will be a worthy addition.

High-tech bedroom interior

East style

The main requirement for the eastern design is the use of soft and warm colors. The main gamut may include beige and orange. A combination of light brown and dark blue or turquoise is allowed. The flooring is recommended to choose from wood: it is appropriate to complement the overall look. Allowed to use a small carpet. Stylization allows for the separation of the room with a thin forged partition with ornate patterns. This design can be located at the head of the bed.To complement the overall interior will help lamps with elegant wrought lampshades. They can be round or square. In the evening, the backlight can be carried out wall or table lamps. Lamps should be chosen with the closest to natural light: warm and soft.

Oriental style in the bedroomPicture above the bed The original decor of the bedroom is 16 square meters. m Loft-style bedroom Green color in the interior Bright furniture in the bedroom

For oriental style suitable forging, complete with colored glass. Also inherent in it is a catchy ceramic mosaic.

Art Deco

Distinguished and unusually arrange each m2 of living space will help the creation of the style of art deco. Black and white tones are inherent in it. Therefore, owners can perform basic finishing in white. Place dark wall panels near the head of the bed. Replace the main range can be gray-white, brown-cream. But the presence of dark shades is required. In this case, the use of dark tones is quite acceptable for ceiling trim. Such stylization does not limit the room, but only gives it a special chic. Curtains and rug can be richly black, dark brown. The flooring is desirable to choose in white or light gray.The use of materials with glossy surfaces is ideal for such a direction. Installed lamps can have a strict geometric or subtle shapes.

Art Deco in bedroom style


Following simple recommendations and making your own adjustments allows even from a small room to make a practical and comfortable living room. Her stylization can be carried out in any color with light and dark tones. The correct combination of different colors contributes to simple styling and eliminates the limitation of the room. To underline the chosen direction, the choice of a small, but prominent decor will be a good solution. The choice of furniture should be fully based on the needs of the owners and the features of the created direction. It can be big, small, have a decor or have simplified forms. If necessary, you can carry out the separation of the room to create maximum comfort for rest and work of the owners. Compliance with the basic requirements of styling allows unusual design of a panel or a private house.

Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas images, pictures

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  • Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas

    Design bedroom 16 square. m 50 photos of interior ideas