How to become a genius: the life strategy of a creative personality

How to become a genius: the life strategy of a creative personality

Today, almost everyone wants to find out how to becomegenius. It's not accidental, because people everywhere are unusually in demand who not only know their work well, but also understand other spheres, and also know how to properly organize their leisure time. In this article you can get acquainted with simple recommendations that will not only expand your horizons, but also become a genius.

Genius and genius: what is it? Features

Everyone can become a genius.However, first of all, on the way to your dream you need to understand what genius is. This is not just a beautiful word. As a rule, all geniuses have a high level of intelligence. They invent something new. It is known that genius people have a peculiar and unusual thinking. It is for this reason that at a young age they are alone.

Many people often have a dispute about how,acquired genius or innate. Anyway, almost everyone dreams of having such a quality. If you want to become a genius, you first need to decide what it's for. As a rule, many people want to create something new and popular in the society or dream to become famous. It is worth noting that in most cases geniuses become famous only after death. In life, they face only a misunderstanding and condemnation from society.

We strongly recommend that you finallyDetermine the life goal before you start looking for information on increasing intelligence. Only after this information on how to become a genius, will benefit.

Today, the phenomenon of genius is not fully understood.For example, Plato believed that such a feature can only be innate. However, today there are a large number of trainings and publications that guarantee an increase in intelligence after the implementation of all recommendations. They include a book such as "Unlock Your Mind: Become a Genius!", Whose author Mueller Stanislav.
It's no secret that quite often genius peopletake for the crazy. Often they are sent to a psychiatric clinic for treatment. Many experts believe that genius manifests itself after the onset of neuroses. They argue that increased intelligence is a peculiar deviation from the to become a genius

Savantism: what is it? Norm or pathology?

Perhaps everyone in his life has heard about people who can read a book in a few seconds or solve a very complicated example. Such features have geniuses-savantams.
Savance is an incredibly rare phenomenon.In most cases, people who suffer from autism or brain damage have this ability. For the first time such a phenomenon was described more than two centuries ago. Then the psychiatrist met a young man who had unique mathematical abilities. Later this case was studied by E. Segen. He considered such a phenomenon as a sign of idiocy.

Savantism is most common in the presence of the following deviations:

  • autism;
  • mental retardation;
  • birth defects of the brain, as well as its damage.

The intellect of such people is not high, but thanks to the sites of genius they can do incredible things.

Most people who suffer from savagery,have a disease such as autism. Because of this, they can not interact with the society. Autism becomes the reason of genius in this or that sphere. In this case, she is innate. As a rule, people with autism have musical, philological or mathematical abilities. They are perfectly oriented in space and have a phenomenal memory.altshuller how to become a geniusIf you want to figure out how to become a genius,which has phenomenal talents, then read the information that is given in our article. Amazing abilities that have savants, congenital. They develop only in the presence of various diseases of the brain.

Simple recommendations for increasing intelligence on the road to genius. Reading and a healthy lifestyle

Many are looking for information on how to become a genius. First of all, it is necessary to apply the simplest recommendations. They are primitive enough, but effective. Sometimes it is self-development that causes genius.

To increase the level of intelligence, you need to startas much as possible to read. Choose only those books that can teach you something. It can be classical works or educational books. To such, for example, is the book "Unblock the Mind: Become a Genius!". Such a publication will not only allow you to read, but also to find out effective ways to form a genius. All the knowledge gained can easily be applied in to become a genius is the life strategy of a creative personalityGeniuses are people who not only know a lotthe amount of information, but also apply it in practice. In order to increase your intelligence, you must read at least a couple of hours a day. Try to read the books of genius authors who tell on their experience how to succeed. These include, for example, Heinrich Altshuller. "How to become a genius" - this is his publication, which is marked by effective advice.

Always write down your new achievements. It makes no sense to just read, it is necessary to apply all the knowledge gained in life.

If you want to become a genius, then take inhabit of leading a healthy lifestyle. Completely abandon alcohol and cigarettes. Do not give time to watch television and meaningless broadcasts. They clog your brain. By refusing them, you allocate space for new ideas and inventions.

In order to relax and relax,go in for sports. If you are working for a long time mentally, then without fail do five-minute walks in the fresh air every hour.

It is worth noting that lovers are much more likelycreate new creations. They achieve the highest goals in life. However, this is possible only if a person stubbornly goes to his dream.

Simple recommendations for future geniuses. Proper nutrition and communication

It is not enough to just abandon the harmfulhabits and play sports. It is also important to eat right. Useful food is quickly absorbed. This makes the stomach feel light. Useful products have a positive effect on the brain and do not bring discomfort during digestion. Thanks to this you will be full of energy throughout the day. It is also important to drink at least two liters of clean water a day.

In order to become a genius, you must at least occasionally be alone. Thanks to this, you can direct all your forces only to really important thoughts and ideas.

One of the main rules for self-improvement- this is communication only with the right people. In order to become a genius, it is necessary to learn not only on one's own, but also on someone else's experience. The publication "How to become a genius" also speaks about this. The book tells that it is necessary to communicate only with wise and educated people who have achieved success.

The most important thing is to do only your favoritebusiness. It is impossible to reach great heights in unloved work. Pursuing what you like, you improve your skills. Thanks to this you will easily achieve your life goals.unlock your mind to become a genius

The book by G. Altshuller. General information about the publication

"How to become a genius: the life strategy of a creative personality "is a book by G. Altshuller, which allows you to find out how to increase your intellect." In the 1940s the author of the publication, as a young engineer, tried to find out the thinking of inventors. scientists and registered patents.He formed the theory of solving inventive problems.

The author has a large numberfollowers. Many apply this theory to themselves. Thanks to this they successfully create new inventions and are in demand. This theory is of interest in many countries of the world. Many try to apply it not only in engineering, but also in biology, chemistry, psychology, and economics.

G. Altshuller did an enormous job. "How to become a genius" is a book that included the features of the work of famous people who created popular and ingenious things. It is they who form the life strategy of the creative personality.

By the way, the life of the author is excellentan example of the development of a creative personality. He began to invent, while still a schoolboy. The first thing he tried to do was to use lugging devices that would allow him to reach the bottom of the ocean. At first, nothing came of him. All the apparatus exploded or immediately failed. He managed to create a lightweight diver only after several years of hard work.

Set goals and reach them throughoutlife Altshuller G. "How to become a genius" tells about this in detail. The author worked on average 7 hours a day. Unfortunately, he was sentenced to 25 years for writing to Stalin. During this time he read all the interesting books for him, and then switched to the ones that were left in stock. When the prints were over, he tried to communicate as much as possible with interesting people.

The author believes that every genius should be able tokeep hitting. Despite all adversity, you need to go all the way to your goal. It is through this that you can learn to create something new and really in demand.

The theory of H. Altshuller. Simple recommendations for the formation of genius

The very first thing that needs to be done is, in the opinion ofauthor, is to set a goal. He also argues that it is not always worth paying attention to the opinions of others. He justifies this point of view with examples from life. The inventor Kotelnikov wished to create a method of air braking. Having created it, he made a miniature design and drawings and went with them to aviation experts. He wanted to patent his invention. Specialists of the aviation department ridiculed Kotelnikov. He never decided to patent his invention. Today it is actively used not only in aviation, but also in other areas of engineering and engineering. Even the most ridiculous, according to society, inventions can be useful in the future. It is for this reason that in no case should you drop your hands on the path to your goal. Generally, any invention is premature.

Without purpose, creative can not exist.personality. According to the author, it should serve people, develop life and create good. The goal must necessarily be new or unreached, as well as specific.

Altshuller believes that the goal should not be able to. To achieve it you will have to overcome yourself. This, of course, positively affects the creative personality.

Everyone can become a genius. The optimal age for choosing the main life goal, according to Altshuller, varies from 13 to 15 years. It is at this age that there is a peak of activity and creativity. You can start to develop in absolutely any direction. Typically, achieving one global goal will require 20-30 years of hard work.
The author recommends daily plans. This habit is inherent in any creative personality. This is necessary for the correct distribution of forces during the day.

The book by Stanislav Muller. general information

"Unlock your mind. Become a genius! "Is Stanislav Müller's book with a step-by-step instruction that will raise the level of intelligence.It's no secret that everyone has completely different mental abilities.Thanks to the book, you can make your brain work more actively.

Stanislav Muller argues that people useonly 5% of the possibilities of your brain. Genius can raise this bar to 10%. To reach 100% is impossible, but to rise to the level of genius, in the author's opinion, absolutely anyone can.

The methods presented in the book help improve memory and speed up the learning process. The publication can activate super-adaptability absolutely for any person.Unlock your mind to become a genius Stanislav MullerThe author of the book "Unlock your mind. Become a genius! "Stanislav Muller regularly conducts trainings, in which he proves to everyone that one can easily improve the efficiency of his brain .Almost everyone has hidden talents, not everyone knows about them, that's why you need to be able to understand yourself and find their hidden talents, and this is what Müller teaches. "Unlock your mind. Become a genius! "- This is an excellent guide for those who want to try themselves in new directions.

The author believes that the cardinal change of his lifeit is necessary immediately after reading the book. You can not hesitate, because to achieve certain goals, dozens of years are required. It is worth noting that the book is divided into a large number of chapters. At least one of them will definitely suit everyone. Thanks to the publication, you can not only master math, a foreign language, oratory, but even learn how to write beautifully and get rid of addiction.

The publication of Stanislav Muller. Basic rules for the formation of a genius

In order to master the superabsorbability,it is necessary to begin with the formation of a purposeful personality. Author of "Unlock Your Mind: Become a Genius!" Stanislav Muller is sure that almost all people postpone the fulfillment of their goals for later. For example, almost everyone knows the situation when you plan to engage in daily exercises in the morning, but then change your mind. The author believes that this is an unusually bad habit.

In order to become more purposeful,First of all, it is necessary to set a specific goal. Then you need to mentally imagine her achievement in the most iridescent colors. This method motivates. The most important thing is not to postpone the fulfillment of the goal for later.

Especially popular today is StanislavMuller. "Become a genius!" This is an effective guide for those who want to forever change their lives for the better. The author recommends not only to represent the achievement of the goal, but also to record a specific date for its fulfillment. In this case, a person triggers a holographic unlock mind become a geniusToday, many know who Stanislav isMuller. "Become a genius!", As we said earlier, is a book that allows you to activate in the thinking of each person hyper-excellence. First of all, it is necessary to develop a holographic memory. Over time, you will notice how the perception of both familiar and unfamiliar information improves. Thanks to this, you can easily master any sphere of development.

Mueller's book will also allow you to understand howbecome a computer genius. You can develop your talents at absolutely any age. The main thing is to set the right goal. It is she who will be the main motivator.

It should be noted that Müller's edition containsimagine exercises with elements of relaxation of the spine. It is for this reason that they are useful not only for personal growth, but also for improving the state of health.

The course of Nikolay Yagodkin

Course "Become a genius!"This is a training that will significantly increase your level of intelligence, and its author is Nikolay Yagodkin, who says that after completing the course, everyone who wants can learn any science as quickly as possible, for example, English can be studied in a few months, not years.

Nikolay Yagodkin's course lasts only 4 days. This time will be enough to learn the basics of effective self-development, which can be useful at any time. Everyone who graduated from the course can work with a lot of information and memorize any texts almost verbatim. The result of the training is maintained throughout life. You can share this experience with relatives and friends.Everyone can become a geniusThe most popular courses are Nikolai Yagodkinamong high school students and students. As a rule, they finish them shortly before passing the exams. The author guarantees that the received knowledge will allow to remember all necessary information for the shortest possible time. Prepare for the exam can be carefully done in one or several evenings.

Reviews about Yagodkin's courses in mostpositive. Many regularly attend his trainings and invite friends there. Many people say that its courses are quite informative. In order to fully understand the technique of Nikolai Yagodkin, it is necessary not only to pass it, but also to carefully comprehend it. Many people like the course "Become a genius". Yagodkin Nikolay is the director of the training center in St. Petersburg. All his techniques he tried on himself. In order to achieve maximum results and increase the level of intelligence thanks to the training of Yagodkin, it will be necessary to give all 100% not only in class, but at home. The technique also includes the independent study of the material. Nikolay Yagodkin argues that all negative reviews related to his trainings are written by those people who did not pass them or did not perform additional tasks at home.

The cost of Nikolay Yagodkin's courses is quite high. On average, it ranges from 20 thousand rubles. However, if all recommendations are observed, the method yields maximum results.

The greatest number of questions is caused by technologyNikolay Yagodkin for studying foreign languages. The author proposes to study a certain number of words a day. However, for some, this way of learning the language is meaningless. They argue that knowing the vocabulary of a particular language is not enough. All words tend to follow certain rules, so simply memorizing words is a waste of time.

Summing up

Almost everyone dreams of becoming a genius. Such people quickly find a common language with everyone, because the level of their intelligence allows you to support any conversation. Today, you can easily find trainings and books that will achieve the desired goal. All the basic nuances are described in our article. They will definitely help you to educate yourself in a genius personality.

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