How to clean the ceiling

How to clean the ceiling?

Everyone wants to have a ceiling in their apartmentresembled a clear blue sky. Well, you can white air, the main thing is that it is high and without flaws. To make such a ceiling is possible, only a lot of free time will leave for this occupation. How to clean the ceiling so that he will rejoice all with its primordial quality?

Before cleaning the ceiling, you need tofrom this room to take out all furniture and other valuable interior items. This is necessary in order not to drip them with water, paint and whitewashing. If you can not make furniture, then you can simply cover it with a thick film, a newspaper or old, not necessary sheets.

Means for cleaning the ceiling

So, you are thinking how to clean the ceiling? To do this, wise people came up with a special scraper, which is bought at any hardware store. If the ceilings in the apartment are high, then it is best to use a stepladder, so that you do not suddenly fall out of the chairs and the table. Some during the cleaning of the ceiling skillfully use a sprayer. What is it for? With it, you can easily moisten the surface of the ceiling, which will help remove the old whitewash and chalk. Well, in order not to get dirty yourself, you have to "dress up" in your work clothes and put a face mask or respirator on your face.

The cleaning itself can be started from any point of the ceiling- from the middle, angles or from the side. Of course, the old whitewash or painting can long "do not give up," but it depends on how much time has passed since the last repair. Previously, you can walk on the ceiling with a soft damp cloth. This will greatly speed up the cleaning process.

How to clean the ceiling with newspapers

How to clean the ceiling to the concrete foundation? You can not clean it up alone, but in the company of associates - it will be faster and more fun. Just once it is worth noting, if you are aiming for one day to clear all the ceilings in a 5-room apartment, then the next morning, you can simply not lift your pens. Is the hint clear? The muscles of your arms will ache like you raised heavy dumbbells all day long. So, it is necessary to treat the process of cleaning the ceiling neater.

One important point - during the cleaning of the ceilingcan fly off and large pieces of pressed whitewash, chalk or paint. To survive and glue back all this is not necessary, because all the same this place will have to be carefully plastered and furred.

How to clean the ceiling from whitewashing with glue andordinary newspapers? This method can be called "grandmother's". It is effective and famous, practically, to all. Take a stack of old newspapers and is glued to the ceiling with special glue. Attention! You do not need to glue the corners of newspapers, because, after pulling them, after 15 minutes, you can release the ceiling from the old whitewash. And in the end the cleaned ceiling is washed with warm clean water.

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