How to cut a rose for the winter

Roses are frequent plants in the gardens, but behind themyou need to take good care, otherwise the plant will die or buds will be less every year. It is important to remember that before the cold, most varieties require pruning. After all, this procedure also increases frost resistance and stimulates the appearance of strong shoots in the spring.

This article will tell you how to trim a garden or a room rose for the winter.

What roses are recommended for cropping for the winter?

It is important to know that not all types of roses needpruning and shelter for the winter period. For example, old varieties of garden roses bloom only once a summer, and the plant grows rather early. Due to this, the wood ripens well and is prepared for wintering. As for the hybrid types of roses that were bred several years ago, they, as well as some species (Chinese, tea and Bourbon roses) must be cut and covered.

You should also look at the color of the plants. After all, yellow varieties are the most delicate, white is characterized by average frost resistance, and pink-red flowers are perfectly tolerated by the cold. Room roses are cut in the spring.

When to cut roses?

Depending on the location, the recommendations varyfor pruning shrubs, but in most cases, this operation is recommended by experienced gardeners just before the shelter of flowers for the winter. In the middle band, this should be done in late October or early November. As a rule, pruning is carried out on a sunny, windless day.

How to cut a rose for the winter?

Pruning should be done under the winter, then shewill only benefit the plant. If there are still leaves on the bush, remove them before the cover; the same should be done with shoots. If you leave them, the rose will quickly degenerate. In addition, you must necessarily cut dry, old, weak, non-mature, growing shoots. After all, they are rotting under the film and infect the bush with a fungus. It is best to leave only 4 healthy shoots. After that, the earth under the bush is dug.

If you have sprout shoots in your gardenvarieties of roses, they are bent to the ground, slightly pinned, after which the bushes are covered with lapnik and dry foliage. The thickness of the shelter should be 10 cm. It is allowed to install the frame, from the top and from the side it can be covered with a heater made of cardboard or hydrothermal insulation paper. Top bed with polyethylene.

Rules of pruning roses

There are rules for pruning roses, with theirnon-compliance, the plant dies. So, for cutting the stems should use a sharp pruner, and thick shoots should be cut off with a hacksaw. All tools need to be disinfected with a solution of potassium permanganate, so it will be possible to prevent infection. The place of the cut is filled with a garden fume.

The stem needs to be cut at an inclination, so from itIt will be easy to drain moisture and there will be no stagnation of liquid in the damaged area. To avoid crossing the shoots, it is recommended to cut the external kidney. After that, the plant is treated with a 3% solution of the Bordeaux liquid.

A few more tips on pruning roses can be found in our article - How to crop roses.

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