How to get rid of guilt

How to get rid of guilt?

All are mistaken and commit acts, after whichthere is a feeling of guilt. This feeling oppresses, does not let go and prevents to live fully. What to do about it? How to get rid of guilt? Let's see what can be done in such a situation.

Forgive yourself and everyone

Feeling guilty, we want to turn the clockreverse and correct mistakes. We often imagine how we could act differently, to talk, or to do. But the most important thing is to understand that it is impossible to return time back. What is done is done. Stop regretting it, do not scroll unpleasant shots again and again. This you will not help yourself. But just pound yourself into a serious depression. Try to meet with those with whom you behaved incorrectly (or not as you would like) and be sure to ask them for forgiveness. By this you acknowledge your sincere regret and wrong.

Do not consider yourself a sinner and wait for punishmentover. Past leave in the past. After all, you are now a completely different person, you have experience that will help you not to do this again. And you do not need to execute yourself for your misconduct in the "past life".

So it is arranged that our personality developsin crisis situations. And you need to understand that such situations are inevitable and very important. Understand that you are not the only reason for what happened, but only one of the possible factors. Disclaim responsibility. Take a sheet of paper and try to describe in as much detail the reasons for your actions. Perhaps, if you can logically justify your action, the feeling of guilt will be less.

You can use this psychological methodas "the destruction of evidence." Write everything that you feel about this situation, all the thoughts that revolve in your head, even the most painful and unpleasant. Have you written it? Now take the sheet and burn it. Forgive all those to whom you yourself hold resentment. The state of resentment is no less destructive than the state of guilt.

And the last. How to get rid of feelings of guilt? You need to forgive yourself. It will not be easy, but it's worth trying. Find a secluded place, relax and take a deep breath. Say that you forgive yourself. Tell yourself that you have considered all the mistakes, learned the lesson that was sent to you from above and become another person who will be better than the former one. Say that you need to go further and mentally release the situation. Repeat this until you feel the inner harmony.

How to get rid of the guilt complex

Will get rid of the complex of guilt at times muchmore difficult. After all, this is nothing but "echoes" of incorrect parenting. Of course, blaming parents is not worth it. They wanted to raise responsible and conscientious people from you. And certainly they did not expect that their instructions would pour into the guilt complex and low self-esteem in adult life. What to do?

No need to try to please everyone and be for everyone"Good". Be yourself. Ideal people do not exist, everyone is mistaken, and you are no exception. So stop blaming yourself for everything, even the smallest misses. Learn to say no. You are not omnipotent, and sometimes it is even useful to refuse.

And remember the main thing: you can not embrace the immensity. In this life everything depends not only on you and your desire. There are many factors that affect the situation. Learn to forgive and love yourself. A guilt complex is a negative energy that corrodes you from within. And to get rid of it, learn how to express your feelings, regardless of whether they are positive or not. Do not bury yourself in the sand, do not shut yourself in and blame yourself for all mortal sins. Be honest with everyone and, first of all, with yourself.

Well, if you see that you can not cope on your own, be sure to ask for help from a specialist. And do not tighten.

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