How to remove advertising In contact

How to remove advertising "In contact"

We are daily or, in any case, prettyoften, we go to the pages of social networks in order to enjoy communication, to see and "like" pictures, and just to stare at how others live. I would like that no one distracts from this lesson, but the ubiquitous advertising has made its way onto the pages of the famous "In Contact" for a very long time, interfering with its existence to innocent users. The creators of the network are well - with the appearance of flickering videos they get much more money, but what do ordinary users do? How to remove advertising "In contact"?

Since the creators thoroughlyso that the removal of advertising has become almost impossible operation, there is little information about it, but it is there. We offer several options that are perfect for those who really want to know how to disable advertising "In contact".

1. Download the blocking program. It is called Ad Muncher and is widely known and beloved. Its undeniable advantage is the fact that it eliminates advertising not only in the social network itself, but on all Internet pages without exception, regardless of which browser you prefer. Thus, you kill all the rabbits: simply exclude the possibility of contemplating any kind of advertising while on the Web. The principle of its work is to filter traffic and then "cut" advertising. Unfortunately, there are often reviews of possible glitches in its work. But, you will agree, is this an obstacle for those who have long and unsuccessfully been looking for how to remove the advertisement "In contact".

2. Removing ads when working through the Google Chrome browser. This method is good for those who use this browser when browsing pages of Internet sites. We go to your account. It is important. Once again we see useless and annoying advertising phones, online stores and other things on the left. Sigh, open a new tab and go to the online store of the above browser. In the search enter the name of the program AdBlock. Here we will be offered several references. Click on the one that Beta has a postscript, click "Install" and then in the appeared window - "Add". The program is installed!

In the address bar, on the right, next to the "star" of your favorite sites, we see an ad blocking icon. Click on this red icon with the left mouse button, a menu appears where we select the tabSettings.There we choose the subitemAre commonand if the fact of the presence of an icon on the address bar is in the way, just remove the checkmark in front of the first line. It disappears.

Again, return to the "In contact" page. Reload the page .... Hooray! The ads were gone. The beauty of this program is that it blocks absolutely all advertising, is completely free, has no glitches. In general, just for her, you can go to Chrome. In other words, Google knows everything about how to remove advertising "In contact." You just need to install it as your primary browser.

3. If, for some reason, the use of Chrome is taboo for you, but at the same time you are a fan of the Opera, read on. Again, go to the resource through your favorite browser, see the advertisement, right-click on the empty space on the page, select the line in the menuBlock content.Then we see that the page changed color, it became more dark, but the banners, on the contrary, remained bright. At the top of the page there are also three buttons and wordsClick this item to block similar content.Click the buttonAdditionally, in a new window, click the linkAdd,then paste the following text: * / cgi-bin / *. ClickDone.Everything, Opera also knows how to remove the advertisement "In contact".

4. The variant is original and for those who know foreign languages. Experienced it was found that advertising is only on the pages where the main language is Russian and Ukrainian. If you are a regular in the network and even blindly, without any hints, you can find the right tab on your page, just change the language to some exotic one. Advertising disappears, and the whole menu becomes incomprehensible. It is interesting and not dusty.

In other words, hardly anyone will say how to remove the advertisement "In contact". In the end, it is the engine of trade, but it is quite possible to remove it.

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