Max Bogatyrev - the very handsome

Max Bogatyrev - the very handsome

He became famous in an instant. Yes, it happens. Someone goes to their glory for years, and someone becomes a favorite of the audience, it would seem, by accident, literally in one second. Here he is, Max Bogatyrev- a cute young actor, a child of the Moscow Art Theater.

Favorite hero of the audience

We get acquainted: Maxim Lavrov, he's just Max, he's also Oguzok. It was he who became the main character of the TV series "Kitchen", which appeared on big screens five years ago. Actor Mark Bogatyrev was invited to this role. True, very quickly the townsfolk renamed the guy to Max - by the name of his character. And this name is so "stuck" to it, that now, after a short period of time, it is called in the ordinary life just like this - Max. Bogatyrev does not take offense and has already become accustomed to a new name.

max heroes

So, Maxim Lavrov. It is with him that the whole story begins. It is his voice behind the scenes that reflects on the essence of being. He became acquainted with professional cooking when he began to study at a culinary college. Then, in the army, he served as a cook, where he brought in an acquaintance with Dmitry Nagiyev, a famous actor and restaurateur, who was treated to an unusually tasty dish. Enjoying the delicious cooking, he invited him to work in his Moscow restaurant "Claude Monet", which was the most expensive and prestigious in the city.

From the newcomer to the chef

It is there that Bogatyrev's character passesThe real school of survival among a rather peculiar collective. Girls immediately begin to curl around the new chef, and fellow chefs occasionally play a trick on him - sometimes a little, and sometimes hard.

But chef Victor Petrovich Max immediatelydisliked because of self-confidence. And at work it leaves him completely by accident. While Lavrov did not receive the chef's recognition, he had to peel off stickers on bananas, and clean up the warehouse, and peel potatoes. But then, becoming a junior chef, Max managed to repeatedly save his reputation as a colleague, and favorite restaurant. And he always got out because of his quickness and ingenuity.

max heroes personal life

During the time of his work, he managed to twist novels withfemale colleagues. The most serious relationship was with the art director Victoria. They even got married, really, then divorced. Victoria gave birth to Max daughter and parents decided, despite all the difficulties between them, to bring her together.

Max was many times expelled and again accepted onwork in a restaurant. He even moved to the position of waiter, though, then again returned to his favorite business - he prepared breathtaking dishes. This continued until in the 6th season of "Kitchen" he did not become the chef of the restaurant "Claude Monet". It was the height of his career.

Biographical information

Max Bogatyrev (or, more correctly,Mark) was born on a cold December day in 1984 in Moscow. In fact, his mother and grandmother lived in Obninsk. But due to the fact that my mother was an artist and was traveling all the time, the boy was born in the capital: my mother became ill in the subway, from where compassionate citizens brought her to the maternity hospital. It is possible that this particular case in a sense became decisive in the future fate of the future artist.

max heroes personal life wife

Max Bogatyrev, an actor of theater and cinema, neverI saw my father and do not know anything about him. Mum was not married, and while she was engaged in creativity, the boy was brought up by the grandmother. He still remembers what was penniless at the time of his childhood: my grandmother had a small pension, which was barely enough for food. Mark was only fourteen, and he already began to work on a construction site, carrying cement and digging pits. A little later he worked in various gaming clubs as an administrator.

Being brought up without a hard male shoulder, a boysincerely wanted to become a real brave man. So he thought about becoming a truck driver. But at the same time he liked to observe how the faces of people, illuminated by a sincere smile, changed for the better. Therefore, his second dream was to become a clown. Often in his childhood, he played merry skits with the company of domestic children.

The road to the dream

After graduation, Max Bogatyrevwanted to become an actor and decided onadmission to the theater school. But my grandmother said that first you need to get an "earthly" profession. So, the guy became a student of a local technical college.

Still, he gave his free time to the theater,tracked all the Moscow theater novelties, tried not to lose touch with the theater studio "Demi", in which he was engaged from 10 years. Accidentally, he got a role in his first film "The Insatiable", where he brought together an acquaintance with Vladimir Epifantsev and Nikita Efremov. They finally influenced the decision of the guy to learn acting skills at a professional level.

After careful preparation, he enteredschool-studio of the Moscow Art Theater, and after its end - in 2010 - entered the acting troupe of the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov. On this scene, he played many interesting roles - Kozlov in "Do not Give Up Your Beloved", Private in "Cursed and Killed", Timote in "Hanuma", Friday in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" ... In parallel, he starred in domestic films: Arseny Petrovich Platonov in the "Teachers", David Chikovani in the "Spider", Alikant in "Far from the war", Zalessky in the "Great".

max hero of the hero

Here he is a versatile actor - Max Bogatyrev. His personal life does not give rest to many ladies at the age of 17 and above. Unfortunately, the young man has almost no time for dating and romance - he is up to his ears at work. He had a girlfriend, but they broke up. According to the actor, because of her uncleanliness.

Max Bogatyrev, personal life, wifewho is interested in the admirers of his talent,despite such popularity, remains all the same cheerful and kind guy from Obninsk. And all the same hopes for a meeting with the very same - unique and inimitable.

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