Natalya Ungard. Biography of the actress

Natalya Ungard. Biography of the actress

Natalya Ungard (Tikhovskaya) comes from Moldavia. On February 1, 1965, Ungard was born. She spent her childhood in this sunny country, where she could enjoy the Black Sea and walk through endless vineyards. In the passport, the actress in the graph is a nationality - Moldovan. A glory to her came to Russia. The actress achieved success due to her brilliance, uncommonness, which was transferred to her images on the stage of theater and cinema.

Education and family

From the very childhood, Natalia Ungard wanted to studySchool named Shchukin. This dream was carried out by the girl, having finished it in 1986. After the actress worked in the theater and was engaged in the education of children. At one time, she gave herself a statement that until her older son graduated from high school, she would not actively pursue her career and go to castings to obtain roles in the cinema. For this reason, there was a certain stagnation for some time in the creative activity, which Natalia Ungar loved so much. Personal life and her son, studying at school, prevented her from doing her favorite thing. However, Natalia herself never said so, and always put her family first.natalia ungard

Its activities began during the period of perestroika,when the salaries of the actors were miserable, and she could not financially pull the nanny to children to pursue their careers. Natalia had to sacrifice filming in the movies for the sake of peace and family. She as an intelligent woman gave the opportunity to make a career for her husband, and then started her own.

In life for their two sons, according toUngardt, she is a different mother: sometimes periods of hyperopeaching, and sometimes, realizing that they want freedom, she gives them the opportunity to stuff their "bumps" and learn from them.

Creative activity

Around 2002, the actress began to appear incinema, and its popularity has gradually increased. Now, in addition to filming and theatrical roles, Natalia Ungard, whose personal life has finally given her some will, is engaged in lessons on the stage business with future journalists. With the help of such classes, her students grow self-esteem, they reveal themselves on the other hand, they leave complexes and there is a desire to play. Many of her students admire their teacher and often express her most enthusiastic testimonials.наталья унгрд personal life

The actress has many different roles in the cinema and in the theater,they are all more "funny", comedic. Natalia herself made a reservation that she was simply not offered to play a good drama. Most often, she plays a role in either lyrical comedy, or just comedies. Natalia likes to change (wigs, some birthmarks and bright clothes), and such roles for her are the joy of the profession.

Her ability to reincarnate from an unprincipled auntLiuba from "Ranetok" to a very caring mother and detective from the series "Tail" was very useful to her in the work. In each of his hero Ungard tries to put the desire to change for the better. In life, according to the actress, she has a variety of qualities, like any person. And it is not difficult to play various roles. These words can easily be confirmed by anyone who at least once will watch films with her participation.

Numerous roles in the cinema

Natalya Ungard, whose filmography includesmore than fifty roles in the cinema, especially notes his next films: "Mom in Law", "Classmates", "Two Fathers and Two Sons", "Between Us, Girls", "Fizruk", "12 Months". According to her, it was these films that had a strong influence on her, and, conversely, she gave all the best. However, in many other of her films there are also positive moments.natalia ungar filmography

In 2012 appeared on the screen ironicdetective, where Natalia played the main role. In the series, Ungardt played the role of the young investigator's mother, who helps him solve crimes. Sometimes such help goes too far, and comic and interesting stories arise.

Other creative activity

Not everyone knows that Ungard, in addition to filming in the movies andwork in the theater, writes plays. She wrote two adult and several children's plays. This multifaceted actress shows how she is really a talented person. Many of her fans wonder how this woman can combine everything at once, and family life, and theater with movies, and writing works.

Life Positive

In her life Natalia considers herself very happyman and from here draws his positive and good mood. Her whole attitude is transferred to roles, thanks to which her characters can not be unnoticed and bring inexplicable positive energy to the plot of the films.natalia ungard personal life and her son

Now Natalia Ungard is very in demandactress for filming in comedy series. And her new roles will please viewers many more times. But the actress herself hopes that one day she will play the role of her life, that she will have the opportunity to show herself in serious dramatic roles and images. The main thing is that this role should be to her liking and was interesting to the viewer.

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  • Natalya Ungard. Biography of the actress Natalya Ungard. Biography of the actress Natalya Ungard. Biography of the actress Natalya Ungard. Biography of the actress Natalya Ungard. Biography of the actress Natalya Ungard. Biography of the actress Natalya Ungard. Biography of the actress Natalya Ungard. Biography of the actress Natalya Ungard. Biography of the actress Natalya Ungard. Biography of the actress