Small halls, photo

Small halls, photo

The choice of furniture in the hallway for the owners of large homes is practically no problem. But a serious problem in arranging a comfortable hallway is a small footage. What do the owners of small apartments, how to equip miniature hallways in the Khrushchev or small-sized studio apartment in a modern way? In this case, the approach must be rational, carefully thought out.

An entrance hall is a space that requires carefully crafted design. It should be functional and beautiful - it looks like a business card that conveys the taste, style of the apartment owner. You can create a functional and aesthetic interior with the help of special furniture for small rooms. Narrow swivel cabinets, shoe racks, other pieces of furniture will help to organize even the smallest space comfortable and beautiful. How to properly arrange, arrange small hallways in a modern style, photos of interesting ideas are placed in this article.

Furniture in small hall

Standard hallways in high-rise buildings are small, often narrow spaces. One or two walls, near which you can put furniture, doors to other rooms, doors opening inward, intercom, counter - sounds familiar? How to equip a small-sized interior, how to choose furniture, what to avoid? Unfortunately, small rooms offer little space for organizing a beautiful, comfortable interior. Here you need to play with colors, materials, use intriguing accents.

Hall in Khrushchev - design, real photo


If the place allows, you can put a wardrobe in the hallway. Well suited modern, built-in wardrobe. In the minimalist interior ideal wardrobe with:

  • sliding doors
  • slightly blinking fronts
  • huge mirror on the sliding doors.

Designers offer to abandon a single cabinet module, creating a small niche for outerwear, shoes. A good idea is to hang a huge mirror on the door.

Design of a small modern hallway - photo 2018, interesting ideas

The wardrobe has many advantages - functionality, the ability to keep clothes in order.With the help of functional systems, you can conveniently organize the space using:

  • baskets,
  • boxes,
  • organizers, thanks to which the wardrobe will not see chaos.

Shallow furniture for a narrow room

It will show itself capacious, narrow furniture in a small hallway, decorated with modern. These two functions are not necessarily mutually exclusive! Manufacturers offer slender smart cabinets up to 30 cm in depth, with swivel shelves for shoes. These cabinets have a sufficiently large capacity, the useful space reaches the ceiling.

It is worth putting in the corridor small-sized furniture models:

  • thin consoles attached to the wall
  • corner cabinets
  • rows of narrow shelves.

Modular systems

The find will be modular furniture. Modular systems allow you to organize space as ergonomically as possible. For example, a set of furniture presented in the photo below can be used in full, or you can only buy a closet, a hanger and a shelf for shoes. If the area of ​​the room allows, it is worthwhile to hang a mirror, placing a narrow cabinet under it. Set options are selected for specific opportunities.

All unused corners thanks to modular systems become a space for maneuver! Modular systems allow you to experiment with shelves, cabinets, side tables.

Modular cabinets are often equipped with a comfortable seat, if necessary, become a bench.

Useful extras:

  • wall hangers,
  • stylish shelf-keys,
  • organizer for small items of clothing (hats, scarves, gloves).

Choose a mirror

Proper use of mirrors does wonders. Furniture for hallways should be characterized by functionality, practicality. The ideal solution is to place a tall mirror in front of the entrance door, then the corridor seems visually more spacious.

It is not necessary to choose mirrors with an overly decorated frame in a small room; this will cause a feeling of heaviness.

You can hang a small mirror with a shelf, which will be a beautiful, functional decoration of the room. A rational idea is to put a shallow table under the mirror, where there is a place for keys, mail, documents. A small vase in the appropriate colors, other additives will complete the design. Do not be afraid to experiment, but be aware of moderation.

Clothes hanger

Modern hanger can be an interesting element of the room. If the space is bright, you can make a clear contrast.An interesting ornament looks beautiful in a pastel, white and gray room. Extremely fashionable abstract, unreal forms of hangers:

  • with colorful balls
  • flowed hours
  • horns
  • other products of fantasy designers.

Modern entrance hall in the Scandinavian style, looks great with a stylish coat hanger, imitating horns, thin tree trunks. The original hanger in a minimalist form is practical, extremely effective. This emphasis also applies to the chalet style that adds warmth and comfort. Woolen carpet made of warm sheepskin will help to make the interior more spectacular.

If you like the minimalist style, the iconic hanger with Scandinavian origin - The Dots. Charming points can be placed on the wall at your discretion:

  • neat near
  • picturesque chaos
  • one by one.

Wooden hangers can be the only decoration of the walls, they can be beautifully hung clothes, bag, umbrella, keys.

Wood products are respected by designers. In the hallways often appear wooden hangers, resembling the shape of branches. Such models are captivating simplicity, lack of pretentiousness.Some have abstract forms, others form parallel rows.

Registration of a hall in different styles, a photo

In the hallway you have to save space, which can be called practical. Somewhere you need to keep shoes, coats, umbrellas, keys, electricity meter. Shops are full of furniture for small hallways, consisting of ready-made sets - they are designed to ensure maximum practicality, saving space. These kits include everything you need:

  • hallways
  • banquettes,
  • shoe closets
  • hangers,
  • mirrors.

The choice criterion should be not only size, but also ease of use.

When decorating a small hall, the following points should be considered:

  • apartment style
  • room footage
  • the functionality of the elements of the situation.

Decoration in Provence and Chebbi Chic styles

When decorating the hallway should try to make the decor fit the entire interior of the apartment, became a functional area for storage. The interiors in the style of Provence and Chebbi Chic light, seem more than they really are. It uses white, beige furniture.Halls in the style of Provence and Chebbi chic are made of wood, often painted white, with a scuff effect.

Characteristic items will decorate the interior:

  • several decorative photo frames;
  • paintings;
  • on the top shelf can accommodate a rare bag from the last century,
  • several wicker baskets with lavender flowers, other dried flowers.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is distinguished by light furniture, giving a feeling of spaciousness. Here there are wooden furnishings - furniture made of light wood, simple, without carving, decorations. Scandinavian style is simple, practical. The character will give the interior some dark brown, black, sometimes bright accents:

  • dark baseboard,
  • dark frame of the mirror,
  • contrast lampshade lamp,
  • decorative stylish pillow,
  • bright rug.

The facades of the furniture are white or resemble light wood:

  • pine tree
  • bleached oak,
  • beech.

Design in the Scandinavian style, photo

The sectional structure of the fronts will add character to the facades. Interesting furniture and warm colors add elegance to any interior.

In the style of minimalism

In the modern fashionable interiors popular minimalist design. Its characteristic features are:

  • minimum decor;
  • smooth, smooth surfaces;
  • fronts are often brilliant;
  • on the cabinets, drawers are often missing handles, they open by pressing the facade.

Such furniture does not overload the interior, makes it easy to maintain order. The colors are preferably light, you can enter individual bright accents.

Loft style hallways

Loft is very popular. This style resembles the premises of factories and plants. Here you will need spectacular items that give the interior an industrial flavor:

  • old workbench
  • iron cabinet,
  • Edison's light bulb,
  • metal boxes
  • furniture from pallets
  • battered shelves;
  • steel baskets,
  • rough shops and hooks;
  • folding chair from the cinema of the past era.

Modern loft furniture looks fashionable, spectacular. It is made of wood or iron. Rare copies can be purchased at the flea market and updated, painted in gray.

The furniture can be made of painted steel sheet and is available in many colors. Industrial interior is modern, unusual, austere.

Let's sum up

In the hallway must be present furniture that allows:

  • convenient to undress
  • arrange items of outerwear, shoes,
  • leave wallets, keys, scarves, umbrellas.

It is important that it was convenient to store shoes, outerwear, which are currently not used. All hangers, floor shelves for shoes and hats are ideal for daily storage of outerwear. In contrast, lockable cabinets, shoe cabinets will protect things after the season from dirt, dust, unwanted odors, for example, from an open kitchen.

Small halls, photo images, pictures

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  • Small halls, photo

    Small halls, photo

    Small halls, photo

    Small halls, photo

    Small halls, photo

    Small halls, photo

    Small halls, photo

    Small halls, photo

    Small halls, photo

    Small halls, photo

    Small halls, photo

    Small halls, photo

    Small halls, photo

    Small halls, photo

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    Small halls, photo

    Small halls, photo

    Small halls, photo

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    Small halls, photo

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    Small halls, photo

    Small halls, photo

    Small halls, photo

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