The fragrance of a real woman

Perfume Lanvin - the fragrance of a real woman

Zhanna Lanvin - the creator of unique odorsa series of the same spirits. Lanvin perfume appeared for the first time in 1925. By that time, Lanvin's company was a company for the manufacture and sale of exquisite dresses and hats. But the young woman did not want to stop on the achieved result and decided to create something new and unique. The result was a new fragrance of women's perfume, which was the beginning of the development of the perfume house Lanvin in France.

Dozens of different Lanvin fragrances have come inlife of many women and men of different ages due to unique sensual fragrances that give mystery and inspiration. Lanvin perfume became the embodiment of tenderness, passion and sensation of uniqueness for women of different ages. Each fragrance emphasizes the temperament of its owner, a wealth of character and a sense of exquisite taste.Perfume LanvinPerfume Lanvin "Eclat D" Arpege "became the mostloved by women of different ages. They were created in 2003, but they continue to occupy the leading positions among the well-known perfume lines today.

These spirits combine more than 60 floralaromas and delight buyers for over 80 years. It is a very delicate and delicate fragrance with a divine plume. Owners of "Eclat" have long appreciated their ease. Putting perfume on the skin in the morning, after a few minutes you can not smell them. But all day long everyone who meets the owners of this fragrance revels in the delicate fragrance of Lanvin "Eklat", which excites the imagination.

Inspiration for creating a unique flavor"D" Arpege "became the daughter of Zhanna Lanvin Margarita.The energy of youth and sensual tenderness with genuine coquetry and charm, cheerfulness and multifaceted nature of the girl, the loving mother embodied in such products as Lanvin perfumes.

perfume lanvin eclatIn addition to the classic "D" Arpege ", on sale you canfind "Eclat d" Arpege Limited Edition "in the original package and ring in the form of a blossoming flower, and the summer fragrance" Eclat D "Arpege Summer" from the composition of fragrant flowers and juicy summer fruits.

Another favorite with all the fragrance from the perfumeLanvin's house was released in 2008. Perfume "Lanvin Jeanne" with a fruity-floral fragrance was created by the famous perfumer Anne Flipo. This fragrance underscores the purposeful nature of the young energetic business woman of the modern world. With the smell of "Jeanne" you can not only express yourself, but also emphasize your business qualities combined with natural femininity and charm. The aromas of citrus, pear, blackberry, raspberry, sandalwood, peony, musk and other smells are perfectly combined in one bottle of Jeanne spirits from Lanvin.

perfume lanvin jeanneA woman who once bought Lanvin perfume,will buy them again. The aromas of these spirits attract, not to fall in love with them is simply impossible. Many ladies try other flavors after using the Lanvin spirits, and still come back to the smells, which become their own and from which one can no longer refuse. No wonder Lanvin is called a symphonic fairy tale that combines grace, innocence, freshness, refinement and refinement, and emphasizes the different facets of one nature.

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  • The fragrance of a real woman The fragrance of a real woman The fragrance of a real woman The fragrance of a real woman The fragrance of a real woman The fragrance of a real woman The fragrance of a real woman The fragrance of a real woman The fragrance of a real woman The fragrance of a real woman