The most influential psychotechniques of our day

The most influential psychotechniques of our day

Everyone wants to achieve happiness, success and wealth. Make a dream, putting a minimum of effort will help a variety of psycho. Of course, if you believe their authors. And they need to believe with great care.


Creative visualization

Founder: Wallace Watles

The main books are: Wallace Watls “The Science of Getting Rich”, Shakti Gawain “Creative Visualization”, Neville Drury, etc.

Number of followers: ???

Creative visualization is a way to achieve what you want because of the power of thought. If you think that everything is fine with you - everything will be fine if you subconsciously wait for trouble - they will certainly find you. In this creative visualization is directed exclusively at yourself - you can not force another person to do something with the help of this technique. The task of creative visualization is to eliminate the psychological obstacles to your goal.

Creative visualization is practiced by many famous people, including Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Drew Barrymore and Bill Gates.

Silva Method

Founder: Jose Silva

The main books are: Jose Silva, “Mind Management by the Silva Method,” Jose Silva, Robert B. Stone, “You Are a Healer,” “Getting Help from the“ Other Side ”by the Silva Method, Ed Bernd, Jr.,“ Developing Silva Extrasensory Abilities ” etc.

Number of followers: 6,000,000 people from 110 countries.

The Silva Method was developed by José Silva in 1966. Initially, his goal was to improve the performance of his children at school, but eventually he began to develop a concept for any person.

The essence of the method is to reduce the resilience of the human brain. Through meditation, a person can enter a certain state in which he can reprogram his brain.

In fact, the Silva method suggests you to go into your own subconscious and remove bad habits, rewrite your thoughts, even recover from illnesses.

The Silva Method has gained great popularity in the United States and English-speaking countries. Even after the death of the founder of the method, the Silva International organization continues to develop this psychotechnique.


Founder: Vadim Zeland

Main books: Vadim Zeland “Transurfing of reality.Steps 1-5 ”,“ The Executor of Reality ”,“ Forum of Dreams ”, etc.

Number of followers: Zeland’s books have been translated into more than 20 languages, and in 2008 the school of tranferfing opened in Holland.

According to Zeeland, our world consists of a multitude of branches of reality, and for which of them a person depends only on him. There are no accidents, because we ourselves unconsciously choose one or another path. The essence of transurfing is the ability to consciously move from one branch to another by the power of thought.

Suppose you are waiting for the bus, which is long gone. If you think that you are late, and the transport is still not suitable, it will happen. But if you start thinking about the fact that your bus is about to appear because of the turn, it will definitely come to you.

The more detailed your thought is, the more accurate the description of the “branch” of reality you need, the more likely you will move to it. If not, you didn’t strongly believe and wait.

The teaching is extremely popular, both in Russia and abroad. Another thing is that the hobby of transerfing can be dangerous for a person. One thing is to convince yourself that the bus is about to arrive, another is to try to recover without the help of medicines and the intervention of a doctor.


Founder: Peter and Peter Burlan

Main books: Vadim Gourangov, Vladimir Dolokhov “Textbook of Luck”

Number of followers: the VKontakte group alone numbers more than 100,000 people.

The word "simoron" means ... nothing. It was entirely invented by Peter and Petra Burlan in 1989 when they created a psycho-training school, which was aimed at uncovering the innate genius of each person, releasing from an infinite circle of problematic situations and conditions. The main tool of the followers of the school "Simoron" is their imagination.

The founders of the teachings believe that they teach people everyday magic. The main thing for a Simoron school is to learn how to fantasize and fill your mind with elaborate, often absurd, images. School followers are eager to become children again, who are constantly amazed and know the world. In their opinion, the child’s fantasy is wider than the adult’s fantasy and allows dreams to come true. Like magic.

To date, there is only one official school of Simoron - Simoron Burlan-do. The rest were closed due to inconsistencies with the authors of the teachings, who jealously follow the copyright to the “household magic” of the Symoron.

Book and film "The Secret"

Founder: Rhonda Bern

Main books: Rhonda Byrne “The Secret”

Number of followers: The book has been translated into 40 languages, over 19 million copies sold.

The film The Secret, which was released in 2006, has become quite famous not only in the United States, but also abroad. Producer of the film Rhonda Bern on the wave of popularity of the film has released the same book with quotes. It is a common success story, if you close your eyes to the fact that both the film and the book are based on revealing a method that, according to Bern, is capable of influencing the reality around you.

“The Secret” invites the viewer and reader to join, as the authors say, one of the most guarded secrets in history. With the help of the power of thought, you can materialize fears and desires, change your life and even heal. The law of attraction (not the one that made Newton get a bump) is constantly in our life. According to Bern, because of him, everything like is attracted. Accordingly, bad thoughts attract bad events. You think about the good - you get the good.

This psychotechnique relished many, the book of Bern sold 19 million copies. But many still did not agree with the opinion of the authors of the film and the book.The Guardian journalists found the content of the film unethical, since it "... promotes disgusting ideas that the victims of disasters are themselves to blame for everything."


Founder: Higher Mind

Main books: Walsh Neil Donald “Conversations with God (Unusual Dialogue)”, Miller Denis “10 Practical Steps for Finding Solutions through an Internal Source”, Hicks Ester, Hicks Jerry “Law of Attraction”, etc.

Number of followers: Surveys have shown that every tenth American surveyed believes in this psychotechnique.

Channeling is a tricky thing. It is aimed at establishing a “channel of communication” between a person, a medium, and some Higher Forces, the Great Mind, who knows everything and is ready to share this knowledge free of charge. The contactee is only required to quickly transfer everything heard on paper or another storage medium. If a person follows the teachings of voices from above, then his life will become happy and easy, because he will be led through all obstacles.

Channel adepts claim that it has been around for centuries. The practice of invoking the spirit of the dead and divination are mentioned in the legends and myths of many nations. In the XVIII century, mediumship, "conversations with the dead" came into vogue.In the 21st century, channeling has again become a popular trend, with the only difference being that now people prefer to talk not with long-departed relatives, but with the Higher Forces.

According to the practitioners of channeling, all the prophets and saints were contactees, that the Bible and the Vedas were written with the help of the connection of people with a certain Great Reason, which put sacred texts into their heads.

Neuro-linguistic programming

Founder: Richard Bendler, John Grinder

Main books: Joseph O'Connor, John Seymour “Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming”, Manly Palmer Hall “NLP Training. Increase the power of your abilities.

Number of followers: ???

NLP is called success modeling technology. Many people want to achieve heights in business or, say, in sports. NLP teaches people to copy the verbal and non-verbal behavior of people who have succeeded in a particular area. Thus, supporters of NLP consider that a person adopts a part of that success, which is inherent in the model of imitation.

As the proponents of the method say, NLP will teach you to communicate more easily with people, allow you to achieve success in your business, solve your problems and, ultimately, make you happy.With all this, the authors consider NLP scientific practice.

Here, the opinions of Richard Bendler and John Grinder, the authors of the method, differ from the opinions of many other specialists. Scientists consider neuro-linguistic programming as quackery, the Christian church has condemned it for using people as “steps” on the road to success, and ethics advocates find the method dangerous because it can be used to manipulate people. For example, lure them into various religious sects.

You can heal your life

Founder: Louise Hay

The main books are: Louise Hay “Heal Your Life”, “The Way to a Healthy Life”, “Heal Yourself”, “The Power Within Us”, etc.

Number of followers: Louise Hay’s books translated into 30 languages. The book "Heal Your Life" was reprinted 110 times, a total of 50,000,000 copies were sold.

According to Louise Hay, the cause of all our ills lies in us. We are not able to let go of insults, forgive ourselves for some mistakes, and over time this turns into psychological and sometimes even physiological diseases. The essence of the method of Louise Hay is to forgive and dissolve their grievances. Healed mentally, you destroy the source of the disease.According to the author of the books, she was the first to feel the effectiveness of this method, when in 1978 she had overcome cancer without chemotherapy and the intervention of doctors. However, to confirm that she was really diagnosed with cancer, Louise could not.

Nevertheless, the books of Louise Hay are very popular both in the United States and in other countries. The Hay Foundation charity foundation is engaged in charitable activities in many areas, at the same time promoting the ideas of its founder. In 2014, based on the book "Heal Your Life", the film was shot, which brought Louise Hay several million dollars in profits.

Don Juan's teachings

Founder: Carlos Castaneda

The main books are: Carlos Castaneda, Don Juan's Teaching: The Way of Knowledge of the Yaki Indians, Separate Reality, Journey to Ixtlan, Tales of Power, etc.

Number of followers: ??? Perhaps about 10,000,000 people.

Carlos Castaneda became one of the most mysterious personalities of the 20th century. Castaneda tried to appear less in public, not to talk to the press and forbade himself to take pictures. His biography has become an object for hoaxes.

The teachings of Carlos Castaneda, in fact, is not his teaching.The writer wrote it down according to a certain “don Juan,” a magician whom he met in 1960. Castaneda wrote in his books that we see not the world itself, but only the model of the world created by our perception. The assembly point, the place of the human energy body through which the channels of the external world pass, takes part in creating the picture of the world. Since the location of this point can be changed, there are three types of attention. In order to achieve the highest, a person needs to achieve perfection, that is, to give up faith in his own immortality, a sense of self-importance and self-pity. The path of a warrior requires detachment, even to erase his personal history.

Followers of Castaneda practice Tensegrity, magical passes, which, in their opinion, can influence reality. For a long time they were kept in a strict secret and were transmitted only to those who took the path of the shaman.

The teachings of Castaneda became very popular in the United States, and generated a large number of critics and imitators.

Holotropic breathing

Founder: Stanislav Grof and Kristina Grof

The main books: Stanislav Grof "Areas of the human unconscious", "Man in the face of death", "Beyond the brain",“Furious search for oneself”, “Holotropic consciousness”, etc.

Number of followers: ???

Since the 1950s, Stanislav Grof has been researching the psychotherapeutic effect of LSD. When, in the 70s, experiments with psychoactive substances began to be prohibited, he developed a technique that gave an effect similar to the effect of taking LSD. Grof called her holotropic breathing.

Proponents of the method claim that holotropic breathing has an extremely curative effect on people. Music and deep breathing immerse a person in a meditative state for a half to two hours. After awakening, the “holonaut” is relieved, since holotropic breathing frees the subconscious from accumulated emotions and other psychological “slag”.

Moreover, practitioners claim that in the visions that a holonaut sees during a session, one can dive into the depths of one’s own consciousness, communicate with higher powers, see past lives and relive the moment of birth.

Despite the fact that holotropic breathing, as an experiment, is used in some countries to alleviate the suffering of incurable patients, most of the scientific community does not hesitate to criticize the technique.According to them, holotropic breathing leads to deterioration of the brain, as due to hyperventilation, the level of oxygen in the blood decreases, and brain cells begin to die. On top of that, it is easy to get hooked on the technique, like on the same LSD.


Founder: Frederick Perls, Laura Perls and Paul Goodman

The main books: Frederick Perls "Gestalt therapy: excitement and growth in the human person"

Number of followers: ???

Translated into Russian, "gestalt" means a figure or image. Psychologists understand “gestalt” as some kind of integral structure. All life consists of such gestalts - from the birth of desire to its satisfaction. And while the gestalt is not over, it kind of slows down a person, does not allow him to move on. Gestalt therapy helps to resolve this internal conflict.

The main goal of gestalt therapy is to restore a person’s contact with himself and others, to gain vital energy. Visualization of feelings and bodily manifestations is achieved through a person’s imagination. The followers of gestalt work with the feelings and thoughts of a person in the present, but for an additional effect, they can use memories. The purpose of such sessions is to let the person complete the gestalt.

All gestalt therapy is based on experiments. A person can communicate with an imaginary interlocutor or talk about some real or potential situation. The therapist can intervene in the experiment, guide it. The main thing is that the patient is able to recognize his own problem and accept it.

Erickson hypnosis

Founder: Milton Erickson

Main books: Milton Erickson “My voice will remain with you”, “Hypnotic realities. Guidance of clinical hypnosis and forms of indirect suggestion. "

Number of followers: ???

It is believed that Erickson hypnosis is one of the most effective psycho. With its help, a person concentrates on his inner feelings and gradually falls into a trance, during which breathing and heartbeat slows down. In such a state, a person easily tolerates a hypnosis session, but the most important thing is that the person has a choice whether to accept the suggestion or leave it unattended.

Erickson hypnosis differs from other techniques by the fact that in it the human subconscious mind is perceived as the source of the body’s potential, health, well-being, achievements, successes, victories,happy and happy moments. All that is required of a person is to release them.

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  • The most influential psychotechniques of our day

    The most influential psychotechniques of our day

    The most influential psychotechniques of our day

    The most influential psychotechniques of our day

    The most influential psychotechniques of our day

    The most influential psychotechniques of our day

    The most influential psychotechniques of our day

    The most influential psychotechniques of our day

    The most influential psychotechniques of our day

    The most influential psychotechniques of our day

    The most influential psychotechniques of our day The most influential psychotechniques of our day The most influential psychotechniques of our day The most influential psychotechniques of our day The most influential psychotechniques of our day The most influential psychotechniques of our day The most influential psychotechniques of our day The most influential psychotechniques of our day The most influential psychotechniques of our day The most influential psychotechniques of our day The most influential psychotechniques of our day The most influential psychotechniques of our day The most influential psychotechniques of our day The most influential psychotechniques of our day The most influential psychotechniques of our day