What can you give a boy

What can you give a boy?

Choosing a gift for anyone is an occupationin itself very difficult, and the choice of a gift for a child is a particularly difficult matter, and even, it can be said, responsible, because children treat gifts differently than adults. What will happen to an adult who does not like it? Yes, he just removes it on the distant shelf and almost immediately forgets about it, but the kid in this case will be upset seriously and for a long time. If you are meditating, not knowing what to give a boy for the New Year or the name day, in order to fulfill his best expectations from the long-awaited holiday, use our advice and recommendations.

What to give to the boy: general recommendations

  • Choosing a good gift for a child, manyadults subconsciously focus on their own desires - to do this in any case impossible, because the concept of a really good gift for children and their parents strikingly different. If you dream of a new coat, this does not mean that the boy will be very happy, having received a jacket or sweater as a gift.
  • Choosing a gift, you must also understand thatthere is no universal best gift for the boy, and it can not be. Boys of even one age are very different from each other in character traits: some of them are restless and mischievous, others are quiet, so their tastes are completely different - first give bicycles or skates, while the latter dream about "A kit for a young chemist" or about Children's Encyclopedia. Therefore, it is not necessary to give sets that are unfamiliar to the boy for creativity, books, prefabricated models of airplanes, boxing gloves, musical disks - it is quite possible that such gifts will not be of any interest to him. If you do not know the hobbies of a child, better give him something neutral, for example, just a good toy, appropriate to his age - a toy fire engine, a robot transformer or a sword of the Jedi.
  • By the way, about the age. There is nothing special to say - you already, probably, understand that a plush dog will cause a storm of ecstasy at a three-year-old little girl, but it is unlikely that it will please a teenage boy.

From all of the above, you can draw the following conclusion: choosing a gift for a boy, you must first of all focus on his age, nature and personal preferences.

Gift ideas for boys

Having dealt with the basic rules of choosing gifts, from general advice, we turn to specific ideas for gifts for boys of different age groups.

What can you give a boy of preschool age

For a little boy the best gift will be,Of course, a toy. What kind of toy to choose - decide for yourself. A three- or four-year-old can buy a teddy bear, a dog or a hare, but just do not buy a giant fur monster - the toy must be relatively small so that the child can put it next to him in the crib. In addition to soft toys, a small boy can be given a toy vehicle (truck, steam locomotive, bus) that can be dragged along by a rope, an interactive kitty or a battery-operated dog, a toy house in which you can play, sitting on the floor, or miniature home swing.

An older boy (5 - 6 years old) can be giftedagain some kind of toy transport, but at this age the vehicle can be chosen more complex, on which he can ride himself - a tricycle or a car with an electric motor. As a gift, a set of soldiers, a battery-powered machine, a water pistol, plastic knight's armor and other toy military ammunition are also suitable for him.

What can you give a boy of primary school age

The best gift for a boy of seven or ten years -this is all that moves in any way - a skateboard, a bicycle, a scooter, a sled, roller skates. The same list includes all kinds of radio-controlled and interactive toys - battery-powered tanks, racing cars and boats, walking and talking robots or alien monsters and other wonders of the modern toy industry. In addition to these toys, all boys at this age like flashlights, binoculars, compasses, kites, computer games, mobile phones, game consoles and "LEGO" kits.

What to give a teenage boy

At this age, the boys are already beginning to followhis appearance and interest in fashion, so a teenager can give a T-shirt with a "cool" pattern, a bandanna, a leather belt and bracelets with rivets, a backpack, a cool headdress, branded sneakers or sneakers. In addition to clothes and shoes, you can give almost everything you see in a computer store (or electronics store) - a mobile phone, a game console, a smartphone, a camera, a tablet, a laptop, and if you do not have much money, then - a bag for laptop, headphones, computer game or keyboard.

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