What is a wheel

What is a wheel?

The word "wheel" is often found ineveryday speech. However, it has different meanings, far from all of them are known. Let's talk about what a wheel is and what it means.


A wheel is called a round disk attached to an axis. The wheel serves as an assistant in the transport of various loads, which are mounted on top of the axle.

Examples of the use of such a wheel are many: it is installed on vehicles, on various types of wheelbarrows and carts, on wheelchairs;

By the way, quite interesting versions exist about the origin of the wheel, you can learn about them from our article Who invented the wheel.

Part of the mechanism

The wheel is called such round discs in mechanisms that help these mechanisms perform their work.

For example, the wheels are in watches, on sewing machines, in mills, inside various kinds of engines.

Narcotic or medicinal product

On slang wheels are called drugs in the form of tablets (ecstasy). Also, some doctors and patients of medical institutions in a joking manner call it their medicines.

Example: The doctor wrote out the wheels for a headache.

Figurative meaning

In a figurative sense, the word is used in stable phrases in relation to phenomena or processes that smoothly and constantly change and move.

Example: The Wheel of Fortune dictates its rules to us.

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