What should you eat

What should you eat?

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What should you eat?

Nutrition plays an important role in human life. It is on what and how we eat that our health, mood and attitude depend. At the moment, a lot of information on this account is available to an ordinary Internet user. All of them differ in many ways. Somewhere they suggest reducing the amount of carbohydrates, somewhere - increasing protein intake. In pursuit of the search for truth in this matter, people forget that the main thing in nutrition is its rationality. In this article, we will look at how to choose a harmonious diet for yourself, so that it is delicious, useful, and also we will propose a specific list of foods that need to be eaten.

Commandments of a healthy diet

To be precise, every product from ourdiet is good for the body. Even in all the unloved fast food there are carbohydrates, animal protein, fiber and even vitamins that the body needs. In principle, there is absolutely everything, if there are no restrictions on medical indicators. However, it is important to ensure that you do not eat too much and monotonously.

The main precept of nutrition is diversity. Close to the truth, those diets that declare that you can eat everything, and you need to eat everything, only a few times a day and a little. Indeed, this will help reduce the risk of inflammation of the pancreas, liver and reduce the likelihood of gallstones.

Do not make mistakes, for example, by reducingamount of fat or excluding salt from food. All this is incredibly important for your body. Need and salt, and sugar, and even buns. We are no longer those ancient people, and our digestive system has also undergone changes. If you are a healthy person not sitting on a medical diet, you can afford everything, but in small quantities.

Healthy foods

What you need to eat to always be in good healthmood and full of energy? There are several especially important products, when you use your body will get something that does not reproduce itself, but needs it:

  • Oily fish, nuts and oils. Essential fatty acids (arachidonic, oleic, linoleic, linolenic). This is what helps the body to live. The body does not synthesize them on its own, so these acids need to be attracted from the outside.
  • Mushrooms, cereals, seeds, nuts, milk, eggs, legumes - they are richIt is necessary to eatessential amino acids.
  • The fish and nuts mentioned above, as well as mineral water and green salad are rich in fluoride. In his absence, caries and osteoporosis develop.
  • Broccoli, eggs - rich in chrome. It is believed that it is involved in human carbohydrate metabolism.

Also, as you understand, the body needsprotein (meat), carbohydrates (sugar), and fats (fish, nuts, etc.). In addition to them, a person needs mineral substances and vitamins. A variety of food is also useful because in some cases, vitamins can not be digested properly because there is not enough of an element to help in this matter. For example, vitamin C is not synthesized by the body, so it must come from the outside. Otherwise, the iron that you get with food will be very poorly absorbed, which will affect the quality of blood and well-being.

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