Where to go to Cheboksary with friends, family

Where to go to Cheboksary with friends, family?

The city of Cheboksary is located on the bank of the Volga Riverand is the capital of Chuvashia. Today it is the cultural capital of the Volga region. It houses several theaters, museums and historical monuments.

If you are in this beautiful city, thenThe first question that arises is where to go to Cheboksary. In fact, there are plenty of places to walk. If this is your first time here and do not know where you can go to Cheboksary, then this article will help you.


First of all it's worth a stroll inCheboksary Bay, which the inhabitants of the city call it a pearl. On the shore is the Savior-Transfiguration Women's Monastery. Also walk past the Church of St. John of Kronstadt, the Vladimir Church, the Philharmonic, the Opera and Ballet Theater. There you can see the towering monument of the Mother Patroness. This monument is a symbol of the city and means the revival of the culture of the peoples of Chuvashia.

National Museum

Another very significant place where one can go to Cheboksary is the Chuvash National Museum. In the building you can see various finds during archaeological excavations, icons, manuscripts.

where to go with a child in cheboksary

In addition, the museum presents national costumes and decorations, paintings by famous local artists and the art of artisans, as well as much more.


The square named after Chapayev is a place to go toCheboksary is a must. Chapaev is a well-known commander of the Red Army. It is here that the full museum complex is dedicated. It is located in the territory of Chapayev's last homeland - Budayka. In the center there is a monument. Throughout the square there are bright, neat paths and paths. In the museum, located in the same place, you can learn everything about the civil war, as well as see things from the Chapayev House, which were brought from the village of Tohmeevo.

Victory Park

There is another museum complex in the city - the park"Victory". It is open in honor of the heroes of Chuvashia of different years. The most remarkable in the park are two alleys: the Memory alley and the Heroes alley. Also there you can see many more memorials.


The city has its own Arbat. It is a pedestrian boulevard in honor of the merchant Ephraim. Nearby is the famous beer museum, where you can enjoy local beer.


A separate story about the monuments of Cheboksary. There are countless of them here. Among the majority allocate such, as a monument to the sanitary technician or a waterpipe. This is a mandatory place where everyone should go to Cheboksary.

"Lakreevsky Forest" and the Drama Theater

The city has its own Central Park of Culture andrecreation under the name "Lakrei Forest". This is the place where you can go to Cheboksary with children. There are constantly held events, concerts, themed parties and so on. It will be interesting for everyone.

where you can go to Cheboksary with children

Cheboksary theaters deserve special attention. There are several in the city. The most popular is the Chuvash Drama Theater. He differs boldness and originality of stage productions.

Where to go with a child in Cheboksary, than they are therecan I get carried away? There are family clubs in the city. They are held various children's plays, holidays, tea drinking, reading and so on. There are a lot of places to go with a child in Cheboksary. Although the children are unlikely to be interested in various historical events, but various buildings, structures and structures may well entice them.

When to come to Cheboksary?

If you decide to go to Cheboksary simplywalk and see the sights, it is better to choose the summer period. Annually in August the city celebrates its birthday, in honor of which the residents organize grandiose events.

But if the trip is planned in the fall, then the viewCheboksary will simply stun you. All September the city is covered with a yellow-orange veil. And this is fascinating. Autumn in the city is considered a theatrical occasion. At this time in theaters full premier.

According to many tourists, spring in Cheboksary -A sad time. Perhaps, for someone, wet streets will be an inspiration. But basically at such a time the city will not be able to enjoy. But in the spring there are pluses. Before May holidays, the city seems to come to life. On the streets there are various concerts and mass shows.

In winter the city is very bitter and cold. And it happens that it's damp. But you can visit the big ice rink and see the ice figures of the local masters.

The best places to visit

Where to go in Cheboksary? Based on the opinions of visitors to the city, you can make a list of attractions that you want to see. These include:

where to go in Cheboksary

  • Mother-Patroness;
  • Vvedensky Cathedral;
  • Beer Museum;
  • Square of Chapaev.

where you can go to Cheboksary


Despite the fact that the city is considered a culturalthe capital, guests can stay in modern hotels and dine at restaurants with national Chuvash cuisine. In Cheboksary you can see many sights.

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  • Where to go to Cheboksary with friends, family Where to go to Cheboksary with friends, family Where to go to Cheboksary with friends, family Where to go to Cheboksary with friends, family Where to go to Cheboksary with friends, family Where to go to Cheboksary with friends, family Where to go to Cheboksary with friends, family Where to go to Cheboksary with friends, family Where to go to Cheboksary with friends, family Where to go to Cheboksary with friends, family